...Wales in the Capital.

Dreigiau Bach




Dreigiau Bach meets at the Chapel every Monday during School term at 10am:


Welsh Chapel

30 Beauchamp Road,



SW11 1PQ

Please contact us at dreigiaubach@gmail.com

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Dreigiau Bach Llundain is a Welsh language playgroup for babies and children 0-4 years of age before they start at school full time. Dreigiau Bach Llundain is registered with Mudiad Meithrin and follows the guidelines for their Ti a Fi playgroups. Dreigiau Bach was established in 2004 in response to the call for a Welsh language pre-school provision for families who wanted to raise their children as Welsh speakers in London. The playgroup is an opportunity for babies and children to play, listen to stories, participate in craft activities, sing and socialise through the medium of Welsh. The playgroup also provides a network of support for families in their efforts to raise their children as bilingual or multilinguals in London. There are strong links with the other two London Welsh language playgroups, Ysgol Gymraeg Llundain/London Welsh School, the Welsh Chapels and the London Welsh community. There will be a warm welcome waiting for you on a Monday morning at Dreigiau Bach!



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